Making strides in rabies elimination

The Rabies Free Africa project's successes include:

  • >600 dog rabies cases prevented each year
  • >20 human lives saved each year
  • Zero reported rabies outbreaks in areas where 70% of dogs have been vaccinated
  • 100% elimination of canine rabies from wildlife

Mission Rabies Achievements

  • Efforts extended to India, Malawi, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Ghana
  • More than 1 million dogs vaccinated
  • More than 2.5 million children reached
  • 2500+ vets trained

Rabies cases in wild animals

  • Canine rabies has been eliminated from the wild life in the Serengeti National Park itself and the adjacent Ngorongoro district
  • The population of African wild dogs, which disappeared from the Serengeti National Park in the 1990s, has increased by 17% each year in and around the park2