Afya people

Rabies Free Africa people

The Rabies Free Africa project is run by people from many different parts of the world. The team, which includes many local people, is united by a desire to save animal and human lives by fighting rabies.

The Afya Serengeti Project

Sarah Cleaveland

Sarah Cleaveland is Professor of Comparative Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow's Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine and a member of the Boyd Orr Centre for Population Health. Sarah, who has been working in Tanzania since 2001, is a pivotal figure in the drive towards global rabies elimination. Her work on mass rabies vaccination programmes has made rabies elimination a possibility by 2030.

The Afya Serengeti Project

Felix Lankester

Dr. Felix Lankester, a veterinarian with an ecology and environmental biology PhD, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Washington State University. Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health. Current research interests include investigating novel methods of rabies vaccine delivery that, it is hoped, will play a transformative role in efforts to eliminate human rabies. He works to protect human and animal health, coordinating the Rabies Free Africa project (on behalf of Rabies Free Africa out of Washington State University).

Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies was founded in 2013 with the goal to eliminate rabies and save lives. Education and community engagement is integral to their mass vaccination projects.

The Afya Serengeti Project

Luke Gamble

In 2002, Luke Gamble founded the charity, Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), with the aims of alleviating suffering and promoting the welfare and moral perception of animals around the world. Luke saw first-hand the devastating effects of rabies on people and animals and was determined to do something about it. He observed the huge strides in combating rabies through sustained vaccination of dogs and in 2013 he launched Mission Rabies to make a difference in India and Africa, the world's hotspots for rabies.