A world free of rabies is something to aspire to.

Vaccinating pets can make a vital impact in your community—as well as theirs.

Vaccination can do more than keep pets healthy. It can save lives, too. An estimated 55,000 people still die every year from this highly preventable disease.3 And while rabies is present all over the world, 95% of human rabies deaths occur in Africa and Asia.3

The good news is that, when pets are vaccinated with Nobivac® vaccines, it helps the Afya Serengeti project vaccinate dogs against rabies in Africa. As a result of this life-saving initiative, human rabies deaths have been reduced by 86% in vaccinated villages. Meanwhile, deaths have increased 4-fold in adjacent non-vaccinated areas, demonstrating how crucial vaccination can be.5

Help make sure pets get the vaccinations they need and learn how you can help eradicate rabies in the Serengeti and beyond. Join the fight.

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