You can make a difference simply by vaccinating pets in your clinic.

MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada), through its Afya program, is proud to support the efforts of our partners including Mission Rabies, Sharon Live On Foundation, and Rabies Free Africa. Just by performing routine vaccinations, you can join veterinary professionals across the globe in their efforts to eliminate rabies and save lives.

How does the program work?

When Nobivac vaccines are used in countries around the world, you are supporting MSD Animal Health's ability to supply ongoing support and vaccine donations to our partner organisations.

Help here. Change there.

MSD Animal Health is a proud supporter of the World Rabies Day initiative, which aims to improve rabies prevention and control through education, vaccination, and awareness. You can support World Rabies Day by making a donation at

To learn more about the Afya Program, contact your MSD Animal Health representative. For more information, visit

"Every time I vaccinate a dog with Nobivac here in California, I know that, through Merck Animal Health, I am vaccinating another dog against rabies in the Serengeti. And whether or not my client recognizes it, we are touching lives and improving the quality of life for dogs and people on the other side of the globe."

– Laurie Leach, DVM
Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital and Emergency Animal Clinic
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

"Doing the right thing for society is very satisfying in itself, and supporting the campaign has gone down really well with both our clients and our staff who feel that we're doing our bit to help create a better world."

– Roeland Wessels, DVM
Companion Animal Clinic St Anna Nijmegen, The Netherlands